Cohesity is an industry-leading platform for hyperconverged secondary storage solutions. Cohesity delivers a modern backup solution that acts as a conduit through which VMs (Virtual Machines) can be rapidly backed up using deduplication data reduction. During this backup, the contents of the backup can be indexed and then searched. The backup process can also create an image or template and store it in Amazon’s AWS EC2 platform in the AWS EC2 AMI format where the VMs can then be reproduced.


Our customer needed an automated disaster recovery solution to protect and maintain continuity of service for their Oracle application, while reducing the number of manual steps in their Disaster Recovery plan by using automated processes wherever possible. Since the customer’s data centers operate from a single site, any automated Disaster Recovery plan needs tscao leverage the public cloud as part of the overall solution. This Oracle application leveraged on-premise compute, storage and network resources and utilized multiple VMs.


Metsi proposed an intent based solution based on Cohesity and hosted in AWS. The solution can be used to provision VM backups, stored in Amazon S3 storage, into AWS EC2. Users retain access to the Oracle application via a VPN/VPC connection to the new instance until normal service is restored at the customer’s primary location. This solution uses Cohesity Cloudspin. Metsi reduced the risk of human error in the Disaster Recovery process by creating an automated function that allows an administrative user to trigger the provisioning of the Oracle Application in AWS and making it available to business users. This is accomplished by using Cohesity to regularly backup the VMs, with all of the associated application data, both locally and to Amazon S3. Cohesity’s deduplication capability allows for streamlined data flows for optimal efficiency in this Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution.


Metsi Technologies now offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), leveraging the public cloud with Cohesity and AWS to deliver high availability and business continuity. The combination of automating the Disaster Recovery process, while taking advantage of Cohesity’s modern backup functionality and AWS’ public cloud capabilities, ensures the customer that they will have a cohesive recovery process.

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