Metsi’s Strategic Thought Reaches New Heights With the Appointment of Stewart Beaumont.

Beaumont’s addition to the board accelerates the Metsi 2.0 vision to help their clients adapt, grow and benefit.

As a leading global digital systems integrator, Metsi Technologies’ culture is defined by agility, ingenuity, and client value. In aid of this vision, the organisation constantly sources the best minds in the industry continuously improving its service offering. An illustrative example of Metsi’s commitment to industry leading expertise is found in its appointment of Stewart Beaumont.

Stewart Beaumont - Non-executive Member of Board of Directors

Stewart Beaumont is a seasoned executive whose illustrious career has seen him build and support a wide array of products across many different industries, including news, legal and financial markets. Stewart is currently an executive with Thomson Reuters, an organisation he joined in 1999. Over the course of his 2-decade history with Thomson Reuters, he has held several crucial positions, including Global Head of Divisional Technology Group and Chief Technology Officer. Since March 2021, he has served as Vice Chairman & President, Enterprise Centre. In this role, Beaumont is responsible for group strategy, including inorganic investments, and commercial strategy.

On July 1st, 2021 Metsi Technologies appointed Stewart Beaumont as a non-executive member of the Board of Directors, a position that allows him to utilise his vast experience to drive strategic thinking within the organisation and guide initiatives for strategic growth.  He brings over 38 years of invaluable tech-industry experience to the board.

Stewart has an appreciation for Metsi’s trusted reputation among customers. He identifies client trust in Metsi Technologies’ expertise and the organisation’s independent, service-centric approach as key contributors to their ongoing success. He aims to bring greater alignment between Metsi’s technical capabilities and the needs of its client, to ensure Metsi continues to be recognised globally as an innovative digital engineering company that modern businesses trust to guide them to multi-cloud service maturity.

Metsi 2.0 Business Value

Metsi Technologies’ evolution to Metsi 2.0 amplifies its vision to adapt to the needs of its customers. Like water (“Metsi” being Tswana for water), Metsi’s service is agile and adaptable to the rapidly changing conditions of the modern business landscape. Metsi Technologies aims to be fluid, transformative, and beneficial to all teams, technology vendors, and partners as it collaborates with customers to help them adapt to the challenges along the path to digital transformation.

In line with the rejuvenated corporate vision, Stewart sees Metsi 2.0 as being about understanding those areas where Metsi provides the most value to customers and creating a coherent offering around them. In the words of the UK-born Beaumont, “Today’s toolsets offer unprecedented opportunity for speed and agility in product and capability creation – and yet technology services are perhaps more complex than ever – customer services may be data centre, cloud, perhaps multi-cloud, on-premise and so on. Orchestrating and automation, with our expertise, allows our customers to fully harness the power of their technology investment.”

Reflecting on the role that Beaumont plays in Metsi 2.0, Mik Hillewaert, Chairman of the Board at Metsi Technologies, says “Beaumont brings a tremendous amount of leadership and knowledge to our board. His extensive background within the financial industry and the experience leading technology strategies within multiple organizations will help further strengthen our board. We are pleased to welcome Beaumont to our Board of Directors and look forward to working with him.”

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